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There's now cassette tape covers and CD covers that you can print yourself.

You can burn your own CD or make your own tape from the MP3 files on the download page. Then print your own covers using the PDF files posted on the same page.

You can do this instead of paying us for a tape or CD, and its faster than mail order.

There's black and white versions, and full color versions. Use whichever is best for the printer you've got.

There's a bunch of new stencils posted on the site. These are PDF files that you can print out, and then cut out the black parts to make stencils you can use for spray painting on jackets, shirts, walls, whatever..

There's also now some graphic design files that might be useful to you if you know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator or shit like that. You can use these to make Usurpers stickers or shirts or something and get rich selling them without paying us a commission or anything. (Seriously, if you want to do it for some reason, be our guest.) You could also use these to make a flyer for a show you've booked us on, or something.

Speaking of shows, we're planning to play a show on April 18th, in Pocatello, Idaho. Or maybe its going to be in Idaho False (aka Idaho Falls). We aren't sure which city its going to be in, yet, but Fifth and Main is going to put together a show somewhere in East Idaho, and we're going to play it.

We also are trying to get a gig in Logan, Utah on April 17th, but we've yet to get confirmation on that date, yet.

And we want to play somewhere in March. Like maybe Vernal, UT, or Grand Junction, CO.. Or Cedar City?

Last time this usurper went to Cedar City, some guy made a scene because my friend Albs didn't wash his hands in the bathroom. So from now on, I'm making it a point of not washing my hands in Cedar City (because fuck that guy).

We recorded a Ramones cover. I think we'll be releasing it on a flexi disc.

We also uploaded it to Youtube, but they busted us on copyright and are sending ad money to some company in Brazil who somehow owns the rights to that Ramones song. Why should some company in Brazil get money because we recorded a Ramones cover?

So fuck that. If you want it, email us and we'll send you the mp3.

We stuck our album on all the corporate music sites this weekend, but you can download it from here for free, so don't bother paying them for it.

If you want to make copies and give it away (or even sell it), go ahead. It saves us money, saves you money, and everyone wins.

We're going to post the album covers etc online so you can print your own sleeves and stuff.

We will be selling vinyl, tapes, etc soon, if that's more convenient for you.

(Or if you, like us, fetishize vinyl records, we will cater to those desires.)

Looking for shows in Idaho and Montana starting in March.

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