The Usurpers Boombox
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Future Wars album cover
  1. Scorched Earth
  2. Future Wars
  3. We All Lose
  4. Punks and Rogues
  5. The Enemy Within
  6. Henry Myers
  7. Light the Fuse
  8. Defector
  9. Out of Control
  10. Borderless Nation
  11. Police Man
  12. The World Today

We are The Usurpers

We're a punk rock band from Salt Lake City.

Here's some merch we're selling, to raise money for touring and our next release. (You can click on any of the photos to order.)

Usurpers Skull T-Shirt $10 USD Usurpers Skull t-shirt

"Future Wars" LP green vinyl $9 USD Usurpers 'Future Wars' LP on green vinyl

"Future Wars" cassette $6 USD Usurpers 'Future Wars' album on cassette tape

"Future Wars" CD $4 USD Usurpers 'Future Wars' album on CD

Usurpers Skull Patch $3 USD Usurpers Skull embroidered patch

"Future Wars" T-Shirt $10 USD Future Wars t-shirt

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