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Lyrics from "Future Wars" LP

Scorched Earth

See the missiles in the air
There's no shelter anywhere
Death streaks across the sky
There's nowhere to hide

Up above explodes a sun
The light of 20 megatons
Everything begins to burn
Our resting place: a scorched earth

Is there to be a future?
Will we even have a say?
Will they push the button?
Armageddon any day

Is this all for nothing?
Is our world doomed to burn?
Will they pull the trigger?
Will this be a scorched earth?

Nuclear weapons armed
Cruise missiles and bombs
Nuclear submarines
Prepared for World War 3

Don't take for granted this life
Any moment we could die
The warning may never come
Just the blast of an H-Bomb

They tax away our money
To fund the military
But you don't need an army
Unless you have an enemy

Russia versus NATO
Ready to explode
If someone pulls the trigger
There will be nowhere to go

Future Wars

American drones patrol the skies
In control rooms, they'll decide who dies
Behind a desk, the pilot sits
Will he feel remorse when he flicks the switch
In the future wars...

...Future wars...
They are already planning the future wars...
In back rooms, the deals have been made
To buy the weapons with the taxes you'll pay for the future wars
...Future wars... How many will die in the future wars?
The casualty numbers are all in the plan
Plans for the Russians, plans for Iran

Satellites will fill the sky
Every movement will be analyzed
Particle beams will rain from the sky
When they find their target, its you that dies
In the future wars...

The casualty numbers are all in the plan
Thousands dead in Pakistan

Controlled by the mass media lies
The mindless masses will be hypnotized
Next war starts after this commercial break
The case has been made, but the reasons are fake
In the future wars...

The casualty numbers are all in the plan
They want to go back to Afghanistan

We All Lose

Election results: always obscene
Results of the two party scheme
No matter which evil you choose
The outcome is: We All Lose!

We all lose!
It is sickening
We all lose!
It is evil who wins
We all lose!
If we play this wicked game,
We have no one else to blame!

Every option is so foul
Results are always horrible
Resigned to no better choice:
Our ballot in Pandora's Box

We get the choices we accept;
We pick the least poisonous.
Content to choose the least worst:
We get the government we deserve!

Don't make choices that feel so vile!
Don't support the wearers of false smiles!

Punks and Rogues

See it in their eyes
And see it in their faces
Angry stares,
Defiance, and hatred
Hate for your system,
Hate for your wars,
Hate for your government,
And rule of law

An uncontrolled force contained by none
They're the young defiant ones
They'll smash the barricades and scale the walls
Punks and rogues won't be ruled by laws

Packs of wolves running down the street
They have each other's backs and they won't retreat
Wild animals who won't be chained
Won't live their lives in your safe little cage

They live for freedom; they won't live in fear
They've been to hell and back, and now they're here
Outsiders who step out of bounds
Punks and rogues live only for now

Trouble in the city, trouble on the street
Chaos taking over, police on the retreat
Up from the gutters, not under heal
Your force of arms can't contain them all

They're not going to be society's tools
They're going to live their lives for breaking your rules
Chaos is the method to subvert your rule
Punks and rogues won't be ruled by you

The Enemy Within

That voice you hear inside your head: "I wish I wasn't.."
"I wish instead.."
"If only I could.."
"I know I can't.."
"Not good enough.."
"I wish I was dead.."

Creeping doubts, relentless fears
Have held you back, and will for years
No one hates you as much as yourself
Beat that and you can beat anything else

Who's gonna fight the enemy within?
If not you, then no one will!
You've got to fight if you want to be free.
You've got to face your real enemy!

Depression, doubt, and all your fear
Feeds itself, grows more severe
That crushing weight around your heart
Defeats you before you even start

You tell yourself so many lies
You say you've failed before you've really tried
Push through that pressure and you'll be free
Fight back against your worst enemy!

Henry Myers

Police are telling lies
Henry Myers didn't have to die
There was no reason why
Henry Myers didn't have to die

You could see it in their eyes
On the day that Henry Myers died
No policemen cried
On the day that Henry Myers died

Police are telling lies
They're the reason Henry Myers died
Klansmen in disguise
They're the reason Henry Myers died

No policemen cried on the day that Henry Myers died...

Light the Fuse

Bottled up energy about to burst
Don't be the last, be the first
Things are prepared to pop off
You're the spark that sets it off

They say.. "Its a crime!"
They don't understand our way of life!

We wear scars that make us proud
Sets us apart from the crowd
Bruised and battered not from a fight
We explode because we feel alive

Potential energy we will fulfill
We won't be caught standing still
A boiling cauldron we'll ignite
We'll spread the fire and start a riot

We like cuts that bleed!
Gives us the release we need
People think that we're crazy,
But we know pain is energy!

Destructive energy that we feel
They'll stamp it out if we keep still
This burning that we feel inside
We'll let it out and start a fire

They say arson is a crime
Bruised and battered is our way of life
Be the thing that they refuse!
Be the one that lights the fuse!


His life was a nightmare
Everything was lies
He lived in fear
His memories: scars

He dreamed of freedom
And a better life
Without starvation
And prison camps

Defector... Defector!
Yearned to be free
Defector... Defector!
Lived in poverty
Defector... Defector!
Fled from tyranny
Defector... Defector!
He found no liberty,
In the land of the free!

His hopeless life became
More than he could stand
He decided to escape
So he made his plan

He'd head for the border
In the dead of night
He'd risk everything
He'd risk his life

He made a decision
He was willing to die
For a chance at freedom
And a better life

He crossed the border
In the dead of night
Suddenly caught in
A bright spotlight
They beat him down
They put him in chains
Locked him up
And sent him back..
From where he came

Out of Control

We break rules
And we break laws
Spray obscenities
On people's walls

We cause trouble
Everywhere we go
We're unruly
And out of control

Out of control.. Out of control!
out of control!
Out of control.. Out of control!
out of control!
Out of control.. Out of control!

We're unruly.. We're out of control

We won't be told
What we're to do
We're disrespectful
Disobey the rules

Not with the program
Not up to code
We're out of order
And we're out of control

We're out of order.. We're out of control

People call us names
And we don't care
We kick over tables
And we break chairs

They call the cops
Everywhere we go
We're disorderly
And out of control

We're disorderly.. we're out of control

We're out of order.. We're out of control

Borderless Nation

You speak of freedom and liberty
Freedom for you, but not for me
I want to live my life for myself
You're always making rules for everyone else

I.. I want to live.. in a borderless nation
Don't want to live by your regulations
I want to live.. I want to be free!

I.. I want to live.. in a borderless nation
No more prisons or deportations
I want to live.. And I want to be free!

Painted lines, artificial boundaries
Seen from above: there are no countries
They want to build walls and erect fences
Will that keep people out? Or will that make this a prison?

You think you know what's best for me
But the way you live seems like misery
You make laws and regulations
But you violate your own proclamations

Police Man

He's a police man: He's got a job to do
The police man doesn't give a fuck about you

He's a police man, and if he had his way,
The police man would lock us all away

He's a police man, and he's above the law
The police man doesn't care about you at all

The police man breaks his own rules
He's a police man, and he's a criminal too

Police man...
Police man...
Police man...
Police man... Fuck You

The police man would lock YOU ALL away

The World Today

Consumerism has gone insane
They use the media to numb your brain
People live their lives inside their phones
Reality stars are in control... In the world today
Can you follow the plot in the world today?
We're caught in a trap!

We live our lives in plastic shells
Protected from our man-made hell
Mass hallucinations: you call them dreams
You can cry out,
But they won't hear you scream... In the world today
Things are looking bad in the world today
Can you wake up?

Corporations have human rights
Cops shoot to kill the innocent on sight
Medicine for profit won't make us fit
They can't sell us drugs if we're not sick... In the world today
That's the way of the world today
Watch it flush away!